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R E B U I T  N O W!

The 2024 & 2025 Advertising

& Promotion Campaigns are:


1.  Live report's from the 2024 College Games this Fall...

celebrating a 50th Anniversary with the "On the Road with Scramblin Bill".  For complete details,



2.  High School/College Football radio program in 2024...

on local FM-radio station, covering the local, regional, and national football that is important to

the NW Florida sports fans!  For complete details of Sponsorships and advertising, 


3.  The SportsWagon:  a NW Florida first...  

to be seen at Community events and High School and College sporting events,

through college football season to the Bowl Games and National Championship game!

For complete details of TITLE and PLUS Sponsorship's,



4.  "U-Pick-'Em!" Contest for 2024-25 College Bowl Games...

with the kickoff contest on Friday, December 1st, as contestants will pick winners of the

College Bowl Games in December and up to the National Championship game too!

Advertising Details here by September 1, 2023.

5.  The "U-Dunk-'Em!" Contest in March 2025...

as we roll into and through NCAA's College Basketball March Madness.

Pick the NCAA Final Four teams playing for the Championship and be a winner too.

Advertising details of Contest here by January 1, 2024.


Update For

You Now...


Click 75th

In 2024...


Advertising & Promotion Rates for Title & PLUS Sponsorships Available

For completed details, CLICK HERE, or give

"Scramblin' Bill" Lynch a direct call at (850)292-5304

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