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DID *YOU* KNOW ?!?!?

This 2023 college football season will be the

75th Anniversary of the first college

football game that had been played in Pensacola, FL...

and it was called the "PAPER BOWL",

played on December 18, 1948 and final score was

Jacksonville State Teachers College -- 19

Troy State Teachers College -------------  0

The first of three Paper Bowl Games that were played in Pensacola in 1948, '49, and '50.


And today, the STAAR Foundation

(Scholarship Through Academic & Athletic Resolve),

made up of former walk-on and scholarship athletes across NW Florida,

is forming the Foundation to help give scholarships to the walk-ons at University West Florida today.


Join with STAAR as we celebrate those first college games played here,

and then, years later, Pensacola's two "hometown teams":

During the 1950s & '60s, it was the "GOSHAWKS",

the Pensacola Navy "GOSHAWKS", located on and played home-games at NAS-Mainside,

and played against other service teams and several colleges each season too.​

And, from 1979 to 1983 it was the "WINGS",

the Pensacola "WINGS," a semi-pro team playing in the Dixie Football League.  Home games were played at

local high school stadiums, played against other semi-pro teams, service teams, and two college teams too!


Pensacola's "Argo's of Yesterday"

will be working to raise funds for UWF Argos today!


To get involved, click HERE, and thank you!


STAAR's Projects:

- Developing Membership for a 75th Anniversary of Pensacola's first college football game, and

- Writing a book for the 20th Anniversary of UWF football program.

December 18th of 2023 will be the 75th Anniversary of Pensacola's very first college football game that was played in Pensacola in the 1948 Paper Bowl Game.  And, those three Paper Bowl college football games, along with the Goshawks and the Wings teams in later decades, will all be tied into an annual fund raising event for our STAAR Foundation.


Our first (an annual event!) project:  

Membership for STAAR annual event "Quarterback-Sne​ak Roast"... 

will be developed as the Foundation's main event to be held on December 18th each year, as the weekend before/after the 18th would also include an annual 5K or 10K community event.  This main event, along with quarterly scheduled member meetings, is for all former high school and college athletes, as well as those true college football fans of NW Florida.  

To get involved as a STAAR member, visit this website's CONTACT page, and click "75th in 2023" button to fill in your contact info.  We will send YOU additional information on our non-profit organization's first meeting coming up during this year!


Our second project:  

Looking for Troy and Jacksonville State players of the 1st Paper Bowl Game's team members and/or relatives of each team's players...

please visit this website's CONTACT page (click the "75th in 2023" button) and fill in your contact info.  We will contact you for your info on... and/or pictures of... those college football games that were played in Pensacola 1949-1950.  STAAR will be collecting stories, pictures, and the Paper Bowl game stories and writing a book to publish during UWF's 20th Anniversary of Argo's Football in 2035!


Thank you for your help, and to contract and register with us click HERE!


GET INVOLVED, and STAAR Foundation will be adding YOU and YOUR NAME to the Planning Committee to be meeting during 2023 season.  Thank you for your support, and looking forward to working with each of the following:


Chet Bergalowski/scholarship, Ole Miss 1963-66, Drafted by Atlanta Braves 12th round 1966

Bill Lynch/walk-on earned scholarship, Jacksonville State U.  1969-73, 1972 Gamecock's Team Spirit Award

Paul Tripoli/walk-on earned scholarship, Alabama 1981-85, All-SEC 1984,

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