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Shooting for 2024 for the debut of our


This unique advertising tool can be

perfect for YOU and YOUR Business by putting

YOU and YOUR Business at Community and/or Sports

events of NWFlorida all year round!

Pensacola's first SPORTSWAGON will be that

 "portable billboard"

to Advertise and Promote YOUR Business,

with live radio broadcasts from YOUR location, as

well as YOUR Business to be seen at events like:

  • Greater Pensacola Chamber of Commerce annual Community events
  • NW Florida's annual Sporting events
  • Fiesta of Five Flags Parade and Christmas Parades too
  • Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties organization's annual events, and
  • High School and/or College games events.
And Talkin' Sports P*L*U*S will develop

an event that would be perfect for

YOU and YOUR business too!



Only ONE TITLE Sponsor and SIX PLUS Sponsorships...

and each will receive year round exposure that includes:

  • TITLE Sponsor's Logo/Display and PLUS Team Sponsor's logo on the SportsWagon - And will be seen at Community events/Sporting events all year round, especially during Spring, Summer and Fall Seasons, averaging 2x per month x 10 months = Minimum of 20 events per year.
  • Weekly Radio Features - In the Fall, on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with one or two local radio stations, the feature will include:
    1.  College and Local High School sports, as well as, College Football's National Championship run.
    2.  Flashback on the college football played in Northwest Florida, with its' first game played in December of 1948, and up to today... the college football of the University of West Florida Argos.
    3.  Radio station's give-away contests each month, and
    4. A TITLE Sponsor or a PLUS Team Sponsor, that Rep will Co-Host each week of the program's college football season.


    That's 24 weeks, from preseason in August,

to week after College Football's National

Championship Game in mid-January =

24 weeks of radio feature programs, with

48 TITLE/PLUS Team Sponsor's Mention in Open/Close

of feature program, and

98 30-sec commercial ads for each Sponsor all season.

  • 1 TITLE Sponsor and 6 PLUS Sponsor's 30-Sec Promotional Commercials -  12 spots per week x 50 weeks on AM/FM-radio station  =
         600 Promotion Mentioned Commercials during the year.
  • Distribution of each Sponsor's brochures -  at all those events the SportsWagon will attend during the year… for 1000’s of exposures at each of the community and sports events each weekend of the year!





  • TITLE Sponsor/two-year - $9,600...  for two calendar years':  October 1, 2023 to September 30, 2025 = $9,600, with $2,400 down (25%) and balance  of $7,200 over 23 months,  at $313 monthly.  During last month of current contract, reviewing/renewing contract.


PLUS (6)



  • PLUS Sponsor/one-year - $4,200... for one calendar year of October 1, 2023 to September 30, 2024 = $4,200, with $1,050 down (25%) and balance of $3,150 over 11 months at $286 monthly.  During last month of current contract, reviewing/renewing contract.


Being used for radio, print, and promotional

 advertising, it will add that "Personal Touch" of YOU and YOUR

Business every week of the year.

The SportsWagon will delivery for YOU!

Contact Us HERE, or give 

Bill a direct call at 850.292.5304


As the only TITLE Sponsor,

YOUR Logo and/or design is

displayed on all four

sides of the SportsWagon.

For the P*L*U*S Sponsors,

EACH logo will be displayed

on both sides of the

SportsWagon, and

Sponsor's Logos will be

displayed in alphabetical order.

TITLE Sponsor's logo

/graphic design will

be displayed on all four sides

and the

Six(6) P*L*U*S Sponsor's

Logo will be placed in alphabetical

order on both sides of

the SportsWagon.


To get involved today,

give "Scramblin' Bill" Lynch

a call at (850) 292-5304, or

Click HERE



PS... it was back in 2004 and 2005, Scramblin' Bill was driving and delivering the brand

new Winnebago Motorhomes to RV Dealerships across the US and Canada.

And, it was during that "RVing experience", when RVing a motorhome began.

Those "traveling stories and sports pics" of the deliveries

will be coming to the website in September of 2023... a month by month

recap of some exciting traveling adventures!!!

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