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And Talkin' Sports P*L*U*S Other Project for 2018...


The 2018 Football Season is the 70th Anniversary of the inaugural

1948 Paper Bowl!

That fist college game played in Pensacola was at Pensacola High School Stadium on Saturday, December 18, 1948:

Jacksonville State Teachers College, 19 - 0, over Troy State Teachers College.

Celebrating that Paper Bowl game in 1948, and then Pensacola's two "hometown football teams":

During the 1950s & '60s, it was the "GOSHAWKS,"

the Pensacola Navy "GOSHAWKS", located on and played home-games at NAS-Mainside,

and played against other service teams and several colleges each season too.​

And, playing from 1979 to 1983 it was the "WINGS,"

the Pensacola "WINGS," a semi-pro team playing in the Dixie Football League.  Home games were played at local

high school stadiums, played against other semi-pro teams, service teams, and two colleges too!

2018 Events leading STAAR Into 2019



to work with and help prepare college athletes, walkons and scholarships, for the challenges

they each will face as they pursue their college degree and participate in college athletics.


July 30, 2018

Promotions and advertising campaign to announce forming the STAAR Foundation non-profit organization and kickoff 


Oct 29, 2018

2018 4th Quarter and STAAR Foundation quarterly business luncheon and guest speaker.


Dec 1, 2018

Aahhh Sports Fan... College Football's "Conference Championship Saturday is coming up next weekend!  Join Talkin' Sports P*L*U*S that Saturday between 11am - 4pm for complementary Beverages, Appetizers, Wings & Mini Burgers for some of that good fellowship, sharin' stories & catchin' some of those Championship games too!

And, We Want *U*... if interested in joining the STAAR Foundation, join us this Saturday to form our Board of Directors and membership for our non-profit organization!

During this month will be the 70th Anniversary of Pensacola's Paper Bowl football game, the first college football game, that was played in Pensacola on December 18th in 1948.  This annual luncheon event is being developed as our organization's main annual fund raising event to be called the "STAAR Quarterback-Sneak Roast".  If interested in details, please RSVP HERE!


Jan 1, 2019

Happy New Year Sports Fan... And Live Reports coming from the FBS NCAA Playoff Games.  Complete details during December 2018.


Dec 18, 2018

Date celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Paper Bowl game, the first college football game that was played in Pensacola on December 18th in 1948.  The STAAR QUARTERBACK-SNEAK ROAST event is an annual luncheon for our organization's annual fund raising event.

Guest speakers and location for this annual event is being developed currently.

STAAR Foundation

(Scholarship Through Academic & Athletic Resolve)

is developing annual events to celebrate:

The Paper Bowl in Pensacola in 1948,

and our "hometown teams"

Pensacola Navy Goshawks of the 1950s and '60s,

and the Pensacola WINGS of 1979-'83.

STAAR's annual events are developed to generate scholarships for University of West Florida athletics:

"Argonauts of yesterday:  for UWF ARGOS today"!

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