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Why STAAR wants *U*!

Currently constructing our STAAR website... and working to complete by Dec. 18, 2022!

And STAAR wants *U* because you once played the game... and/or you cheered for your team... and today, you are a true fan of college sports.  We need each of you... "doctors, lawyers, nurses, former coaches, secretaries, bank officers, and business owners"... to join us and help guide the STAAR Foundation as it organizes during this football season... and we will continue to incorporate those other sports too, as we file for our non-profit 501(c)(3) organization status and continue to grow.

CLICK HERE if interested in becoming a member of the STAAR Foundation, or serving on the Board of Directors for our organization.  Thank you for your interest, and will reply to you within 24 hours.

Paul Tripoli

Def. Coord. Tate HS Football Program, Host of Coach's Corner Radio Program

and Member of the STAAR Board of Directors

Bill Lynch

Director/Talkin' Sports P*L*U*S Business          

and Organizer of the STAAR Foundation Board of Directors

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